The Sahitya Advantage
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Commercial Printing
Competitive success is the true test of the Quality and Service of any organization. Sahitya has built up an impressive list of prestigious clients who have patronized it for many years
Infrastructure expansion and Technical upgradation have been key elements in its progress.
Its focus is as keen on the millionth copy as the first.
Sahitya’s Quantitative Capacity is exemplified by its 1.5 million forms per day of Public Issue Applications or the multi-million printing of bus tickets whereas its Quality acceptance is visible in regular printing of Indian Institute Of Management Ahemdabad’s prestigious magazine ‘Vikalpa’ and those of other institutions
Expertise and Experience enhance the huge technical capacities of Sahitya to cater to a wide range of products including Books, Annual Reports, Magazines, Diaries, Calendars, Corporate Booklets and any Design demand.

If it can be printed, Sahitya can.